The power led is not lighting with the power connected, althoug the screen is available.


I have buyed the Joy-pi recently and I have received the shield Raspberry Pi 3B this week.

When I plug the alimentation the screen is brighting but note "No signal". In fact the power red led ins not lighting neither the green led ???

Could you explain me where is the probleme ?


Best regards


Yves Maire

Yves Maire

18.12.22 18:28


Je m'aperçois en fait qu'il n'y as pas de cable d'alimentation pour la carte Raspberry pour connexion au connecteur micro-usb.

Par contre une petite carte avec micro usb sans cable est fournie mais rentre pas non-plus dans le micro-usb.

Est-ce que le Kit est bien complet ?


Yves Maire

Note: la valise Joy-Pi m'as été vendue par la société Lextronic à la Queue en Brie (France)

Yves Maire

20.12.22 18:59

Hello Yves,

sorry for my late reply and sorry for the inconveniences as well.

First of all: The kit is complete. The Raspberry Pi is powered by GPIO pins of the Joy-Pi Note. The separate power cable is not needed for operation.

So, just for my understanding, you plugged the Raspberry Pi on the GPIO header and inserted the micro-HDMI adapter. You started the Joy-Pi Note but your Raspberry Pi does not light up at all? Do you have the micro-SD-card inserted? Could you plug in and power the Raspberry Pi alone, and not inside the Joy-Pi Note? Is the Pi still not showing any LED action?

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27.12.22 09:31