Just received the Joy-Pi, but how do you connect the Joy-It wireless keyboard?  The middle LED flashes blue, but I don't see it show up (for example) on my iPad on Bluetooth, and the Pi only asks if I want to connect bluetooth devices by their device code (and I have no idea what the code is for the keyboard).

Any assistance is appreciated.

David Erbas-White

13.06.19 05:47

Hi David Erbas-White,

First of all sorry for the late reply. The keyboard needs the USB dongle. You can't connect the keyboard without the dongle to the Joy-Pi.

best regards

Nils (Joy-IT)

19.06.19 10:02

Got it, thanks.  I didn't even see the dongle there in the package, it's so small.  Sorry for the silly question...

David Erbas-White

19.06.19 17:16