Does someone can help to understand and sorted out this issue which is delaying my progress and stuck me at beginer stage

Most  Python error or even signal.pause() freeze my Apple Real VNC viewer.

JoyPI Raspberry is still working and reactive to mouse, touchscreen and keyboard, but I need to reboot to get my connection back to the viewer. I have a spinning wheel and message (approximatively translated from French) "Trying to reconnect to VNC Server ... "keep alive" message waiting delay expired"

killing and reactivating the VNC server doesn't have any effect

I suspect some kind of SIGNAL catching between Python and RealVNC processes but have a very limited knowledge here


01.11.20 19:18

Hello Stéphane,

Which image do you use?
Please try another one to test:

best regards

Christoph (Joy-IT)


04.11.20 17:30