The Joy-Pi Software: Intuition meets education

Welcome to the fascinating world of Joy-Pi software! Here, technology and pedagogy merge into an experience designed for beginners and experienced users alike.

Our Joy-Pi software was developed with one clear goal in mind: To provide an intuitive and educational experience for every user who uses one of our Joy-Pis. Whether it's the first time or the hundredth, the software ensures that every step, every feature, and every module is easy to understand and access.

Whether on the Joy-Pi Advanced or the Joy-Pi Note, the software ensures a consistent, streamlined user experience. This means that no matter which device you choose, the intuitive operation, clear instructions, and impressive features remain consistent.

Joy-Pi software available in version 3.0.1

The Joy-Pi software is now available in version 3.0.1 and thus supports the Joy-Pi Advanced. While the software for the Joy-Pi Note currently remains in version 2.0.0, with the soon to follow update, 3.1.0, the software versions will be merged and only one software will be offered for both devices.


From the basis to the detail! Here, all included modules are explained in an understandable way and, including sample codes, the programming method is dealt with.

With the Joy-Pi Advanced the module section becomes a gigantic knowledge base! From electro-technical details, deep insights and schematics to the exact explanation of programming for each supported microcontroller. No detail is left out here!

Learning Stations

Learning on a new level. While the Joy-Pi Note tracks individual progress via a user system and provides step-by-step instructions including solutions, the Joy-Pi Advanced relies on self-initiative.

With challenging tasks, helpful tips and sample solutions at the end, the learning effect and individual initiative is encouraged.


Programming without prior knowledge? Here it goes! Our projects are ready-made programs that can be executed directly. No further programming knowledge is required. Get in and get started!

Device selection (Joy-Pi Advanced only)

The choice of the appropriate microcontroller influences the entire user experience. The preferred microcontroller can be selected here, which affects texts, tasks and explanations in all menus. A personalized experience, precisely tailored to the user's needs.

Attention. For the release of Joy-Pi Advanced, only the devices "Raspberry Pi", "Arduino Nano" and "BBC Micro:Bit" are available. The microcontrollers "NodeMCU ESP32" and "Raspberry Pi Pico" will only be available with software version 3.1.0, which is scheduled for release by the end of 2023.