The All-In-One Solution

The highly integrated development platform & learning center

The Joy-Pi Advanced is the newest member of the very successful "Joy-Pi family" from Joy-IT. It continues the idea of a Raspberry Pi based center for learning microcontroller programming and has grown significantly in scope and possibilities. This makes it available not only to pupils, students and apprentices, but also to technically experienced developers as an ideal, multifunctional basis.

The Joy-Pi Note is the latest in the Joy-Pi family. With its 29.5 cm (11.6") IPS screen and a removable, wireless keyboard, it takes the basic idea of the Joy-Pi into a new, high-quality and attractive format. Of course, the Joy-Pi Note can also be used as a "classic" notebook. All programs compatible to the Raspberry Pi® 4 can be installed. The integrated 2MP camera also makes video conferencing possible, for example.

In-house developed learning platform

Experimentation without limits

One system for all developments

Suitable for beginners & professionals

Maximum compatibility without cable chaos