The All-In-One Solution

The All-In-One Solution

The Joy-Pi is an experimentation kit based on the Raspberry Pi and is ideal for getting started in electrical engineering and programming.  The well-thought-out case system offers a perfect all-in-one environment and puts an end to many fiddly little parts solutions and cable chaos on the workbench.

Joy-Pi Note

The Joy-Pi Note is the new flagship in the Joy-Pi family. With its 11.6" IPS screen and a removable, wireless keyboard, it combines the basic idea of the Joy-Pi in a new, high-quality, and attractive format. With 46 courses and 20 projects, the Joy-Pi Note is not only suitable as an experiment center but is also made for use in the education sector.

With over 22 integrated sensors and modules, there are no limits to your own joy of experimentation. Thanks to the installed learning platform developed especially for the Joy-Pi Note, the installed units can be operated and learned independently of one's own prior knowledge.

Whether beginner or expert, programming or electronics, development or education - with the Joy-Pi there are no limits to the possibilities. With pre-installed software for learning Scratch, Python, Arduino, and micro:bit, the Joy-Pi is suitable for any application.

An additional integrated compartment allows storing a power bank as well as other components. Thus, the Joy-Pi Note is also perfectly prepared for mobile use.

Specially developed learning platform

11.6" IPS Full-HD Display



22+ sensors and modules

Integrated wireless keyboard

2MP camera with built-in microphone


5V & 12V supported

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B