The scrolling on the remote keyboard only seems to work inside applications, but not on the desktop. A graphical user interface is pretty useless without a way to move around...


10.04.19 17:43

Hi Julf,

I'm not sure if I understand you problem correct. Does your remote keyboard touchpad not work?

Best Regards

Nils (Joy-IT)

12.04.19 10:42

Yes and no. It does work, but only in an application window. It does not allow moving around the desktop.


21.04.19 16:19

Good morning,

I just tested the mini keyboard and the touchpad. I couldn't reproduce the problem at my test rig (short video).

Could you perhaps post a short video, which shows the problem? This could help us finding the issue.

Best regards

Nils (Joy-IT)

24.04.19 10:39

Would you have a video that doesn't require a MS Sharepoint account? I will try to make a video in a day or two.


24.04.19 16:59


you can find the file here, hosted on our webspace.

Best regards

Nils (Joy-IT)

25.04.19 09:20