When I push Fn + RF the blue LED is blinking.
But that seems not to be the only step to make the connection.
Because after blinking de blue LED is out.

Can somebody give me the right steps to fix this?
Do I have to do something with the bluetooth symbol to?

I have the keyboard connected to the RPi by de usb-cable.
I tried to do the following things with the bluetooth-icon.
Make discoverable - Add device - push Fn + RF - ...
And I get an error message Pairing failure - out of time

Thank you


21.08.20 20:02

Hello Leon,

to connect, you need to insert the USB dongle into one of your USB ports.

Best regards

Chris (Joy-IT)


24.08.20 09:53

Thank you for your answer.
I will test that as soon as possible.


17.09.20 10:46

I guess, Leon was about to install a bluetooth-keyboard... with delivered keyboard there is no pairing required, since rf


16.01.21 17:53