I've read the manual and according to it there should be a power cable in the PI compartment. The cable to the pi power. But there is none. Is that normal, cause the thing does work, but without that little power cable.


09.03.23 22:14

Also out of the box and after all the updates and installing the libraries: the rgb example projects wont work. Now don't laugh, but i know the recommendation is a Raspberry 4 with about 4 gb but i'm trying to run this on a 3b while waiting for a 4b to arrive with the mail. Is the 3b the problem or something else?



09.03.23 22:44

Hello Thierry,

this is correct. In our latest revision the Joy-Pi Note is completely powered by the GPIO ports and therefore the power cable is not necessary anymore.

Are you using the latest Joy-Pi Software? Do you get any error messages when trying to start the rgb projects?

Best regards,


10.03.23 15:38