I‘m completely new with al this Python and Raspbeery stuff.

so I run

python3 from the example and got:

File „“, line 6, in

import Adafruit_CharLCD as LCD

ModuleNotFoundError: No Module named ‚Adafruit_CharLCD‘

So what is the reason and what could I do?


22.09.19 12:38

Hello Thomas,

Which version of our Raspbian Images do you use?
Do you use a Raspbian Stretch?

We are currently working on our software and our instructions.
If you are using an older version (Raspbian Stretch) of our Joy-Pi images,
you can use the lcd-display with the following command "sudo python" (Python 2).
Our latest operating system has been adjusted and this needs to be started with "sudo python3" (Python 3).

Best regards
Daniel Kaufhold


23.09.19 17:07