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Is it possible to use the sensors and devices like the 7segments display regardless the embedded RPI4 ?

in example to connect them to an arduino or esp board ?

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16.12.22 16:12

Hello guyjami,

I am very sorry but the Joy-Pi Note is only compatible with Raspberry Pis.

You could try to read GPIO signals from the GPIO Header on the board of the Joy-Pi Note but I don't recommend writing to them. This means that you would just be able to read from sensors but not write to modules (like to the 7 segment display for example). But if you try so, please remember that the signal level from the Raspberry Pi (3,3 V) does not match the signal level of an Arduino (5 V). You should always use a voltage translator to match the differing signal levels.

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27.12.22 09:21

Thank's i finally baught one.

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26.01.23 16:12