USB Mouse works randomly

Hello, I'm using the Joy-Pi with a Pi4-4GB and the original SD card. Sometimes the mouse works fine and sometimes not (a lot of latency). I've been trying with both a wired and a wireless device, same issue. Any idea? Thank you

Luc Blairon

05.12.21 21:48

Hello Luc,

have you installed or are you using any additional programs on your Raspberry Pi? As a first step I would suggest to reinstall our software image.
You could also open the Taskmanager and check if the latency is somehow related with a high CPU load.

If both does not help please report back and we will try something else 🙂


Best regards


06.12.21 09:26

Hello Jens, by having flashed the new image, the issue is fixed. Probably that the delivered SD card is not up to date. thank you

Luc Blairon

06.12.21 22:22

You're welcome! I am glad that we were able to fix this issue so easily 🙂.


07.12.21 08:56